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We are your best bet to submitting quality SPSS homework solution within your deadline

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Avail the best SPSS homework help from us and attain excellence without a struggle

Data file handling

If you have used SPSS, you must know that data files displayed in the data view spreadsheets are not always appropriately organized. SPSS has a data drop-down menu that has procedures allowing you to restructure and organize your data. The first four commands in the drop-down menu supports moving of data within the data view spreadsheet and editing. You to define date formats and variables or insert cases. The sort cases command opens a dialogue box that the researcher can use to sort cases in the spreadsheet. This command is used to swap the rows and columns of the data spreadsheet. The merge procedure can be used to either add variables or add cases to an existing data file.

SPSS Macros

An SPSS macro can be considered as a mini-program that lies within the syntax of SPSS. It is written in a unique language (SPSS macro) and the familiar syntax of SPSS. These mini programs aim to automate bulky and time-consuming operations that cannot be executed one step at a time by issuing commands. The macro language is not only flexible but can also be used in: Conducting a series of analyses, Adjusting multiple statistics output, and Producing charts with a combination of variables. A macro that has been written and saved can be used by “calling” it. Since a macro are written in an SPSS syntax, it should be saved with a .SPS extension. When saving a macro, start with the word “DEFINE” and then the name of the macro.

Computing variables (if cases)

SPSS has an “if cases” dialog box that allows you to transform data in selected subsets of cases. For each case, the conditional statement will return false, true or missing. You should remember:
A case will be included in the chosen subset if the conditional expression result is true. The case will never be included in the chosen subset if the conditional expression result is missing or false. Most conditional expressions in SPSS employs one or more relational operators on the calculator pad. A conditional statement can include logical variables, arithmetic operators, name of variables, constants, numeric functions, etc.

SPSS Scripts

SPSS scripts allows researchers to carry out intricate analyses that would never be possible using syntax. You can call a script from a syntax. The vice-versa is also true. The major problem with calling a script from anywhere in the syntax is that it will only be executed after the syntax file is completed. Sax basic scripting was added to the Windows version of SPSS. You can develop your SPSS scripts using various development environments. If you find this learning curve to be steep, just know that you can count on our top rated experts to bail you out. Please remember that scripting is not available in SPSS for Mac or Linux.

There is no SPSS homework that is too intricate for us. The table below contains the other topics that we specialize in:

Working with multiple data sourcesAggregating filesSplitting files
Importing data from databasesEditing chartsProducing pivot tables
Exploring relationship between variablesConducting inferential statisticsData manipulation and computation

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26th Sep 2022
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