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SPSS homework help privacy policy

This privacy policy explains how we use the information we collect from our clients. We collect different information from clients during service delivery, and that is why we use this privacy policy to explain how we use such information. Our customer care team will explain your questions if you do not understand any section of this privacy policy. Our customer care team is available 24/7, and you can contact them.

Our privacy policy

Spsshomeworkhelp.com is the only owner of this privacy policy. We use this privacy policy to explain to our clients how we use the information we collect from them. Our clients' information is only used internally to better service delivery. Therefore when you seek SPSS homework help, expect us to use this information. Note that we can change the contents of this privacy policy at any time and without prior communication with any client or users of this website. Therefore, we urge all the users of this website to keep visiting this section to familiarize themselves with any changes that may have been made.

Client information

We ask for general information from all the clients who want to use our service. The information we ask from our clients is meant to ease communication during service delivery. Note that we do not ask for private information such as pins and passwords. The information we ask for includes:

  1. The client's full names.
  2. Email addresses.
  3. Alternative communication methods.
  4. Dates of delivery.
  5. Any other information that our team deems necessary at that point.

Note that this information is only used internally and not shared with any third parties.

How the collected information is used

The information we collect from our clients is used for three main purposes;

Communicating with the client during service delivery. When a client hires us to do their SPSS homework, we ask for communication details that we can use if we need clarification on anything and when submitting the completed work.

The information we collect from clients is used for statistical purposes. The statistics are done internally to see how our business is faring. We use the data to see the number of clients we are getting within a certain period and whether we are getting profits from the same.

We also use the information we collect from our clients to inform them of any new services added to our platform. If we this that the new service may interest a certain client, we let them know we are offering it.

When third parties can access the information we collect from our clients

Here at spsshomeworkhelp.com, we do everything possible to ensure that the information we collect from you does not find its way to third parties. However, there are instances when such information can be shared with third parties. Such times include;

When the information is required by government agencies such as a court of law. The government may want to access this information such different reasons, such as when there are cases of theft, money laundering, or fraud. This website follows the law, and therefore, if a government agency asks for such information, we have no option bus share the information.

If we notice a breach in our security system, we can share the information with our service providers in order to protect our client's information. We do everything to ensure that our client information is safe in our hands.

Our service providers can also access your information when working on our systems. Note that these service providers are supervised and have a non-disclosure agreement in place; therefore, the information is safe.

Information security

Security is a top priority here. We have partnered with the industry's top security providers, and we use the most advanced security systems. We clearly know that the technology sector is advancing very fast, and we need to keep improving our security systems. That is why we keep on checking for the latest trends in this sector.


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Third-party website links

This website may contain links to third-party websites or other websites owned by us. If you want to use a website that links you have obtained from this website, ensure that you are first ready and understand all their privacy policies. Note that we do not share our privacy policy with any other website. Therefore, it is important to know what that other website does with the information they collect from you. Note that in case of any losses that arise from using another website, we will not be held accountable.