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    Spsshomeworkhelp.com has an operation refund policy. This refund policy describes our clients when they can qualify for a refund. Different circumstances can lead a client to opt to see a refund, such as making a double payment for a task and not fulfilling a contract. This policy is meant to guide all clients to reduce conflict. We work hard to safeguard the interests of all our clients.

    Our refund policy

    Spsshomeworkhelp.com is a top platform dedicated to helping each student score the best grades. To ensure that our clients feel confident about the service we deliver to them, we have in place this refund policy. This policy is meant to safeguard the interests of our clients. If, in any case, we are not available to complete your homework as expected and according to the agreement, you have every right to seek a refund from us. Suppose a client proves they are eligible for a refund, we process it immediately, and the money is sent back to them. We work hard to ensure that every task is completed on time and according to the instructions, and this policy is used to assure that our contract with the client will be honored.

    When a client can qualify for a refund

    If you make two payments for the same task, you qualify for a refund. There are times when payments have a problem, and you can make two payments. When it happens, please notify us immediately so that we can start processing the refund. However, note that you can use the extra payment for another homework if you have it. In such a case, you need to notify our team about the same.

    You also qualify for a refund if we fail to get an expert to work on your homework within the first hour of receiving it. However, this is very rare because we have enough experts to do your work. We also accept tasks that we can complete within a specified time.

    If you cancel an order within the first ten minutes after submitting it, you qualify for a refund. However, it must not have been termed urgent, and it should not be an exam, test, or quiz. Urgent tasks, exams, quizzes, and tests are started immediately after receiving the work.

    Cancellation of an order

    The cancellation of an order can either come from the client or us. We can cancel an order if we notice that the money paid to us in relation to that order is a proceed of money laundering or other illegal activities. We can also cancel an order if we notice that you used someone else’s payment method without their approval. If we notice that you are using our website for other purposes other than the stated ones, we can cancel the order. From the clients' side, they can cancel an order based on reasons they will inform us during the cancellation.